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Sociedade de Medicina e Espiritismo do Rio de Janeiro was founded on June 11, 1941.  And founding a House like this in the 40s, based on the ideals of Science, Religion and Moral, and the characteristics that distinguish, at a time when there was little religious freedom, and when the spiritist movement was still seen with a certain prejudice and, in some cases, even persecuted; it was, without a doubt, not an easy task for a group of selfless idealists who, based on science, as the majority were doctors, engineers, lawyers and military personnel, headed by the doctor Dr. Levindo Gonçalves de Mello, who inspired by the spirit of a doctor Frenchman named Charles Demeure, receives the task of founding a "spiritist hospital" in the city of Rio de Janeiro.  Thus, at the beginning of 1941, Dr. Levindo intensified his fight for the founding of an associative entity that would link Medicine and Spiritism, for the good of Humanity and Science, and in the fight against Atheist materialism.
After many meetings, full of victories and defeats, the campaign produced the definitive creation of the Sociedade de Medicina e Espiritismo do Rio de Janeiro.  Thanks to the support from Above and to confreres of great moral, doctrinal and scientific value, it was possible to unite Medicine with Spiritism for the first time in the history of Humanity, the World, Science, Medicine and Spiritism.
Many were the Confreres who efficiently helped Dr. Levindo in the creation of the Sociedade de Medicina e Espiritismo do Rio de Janeiro, but, in obedience to justice and truth, some names of eminent people stand out, because without their decisive cooperation the Society of Medicine and Spiritism in Rio de Janeiro would have failed at that time:
Mr. Milton de Andrade (pseudonym used by Journalist Arthur Massena)
Dr. Arthur Lins de Vasconcellos Lopes (Lawyer)
Dr. Telêmaco Gonçalves Maia (Doctor)
Mr. Aurino Barboza Souto (President of the Spiritist League of Brazil)
​In 1958, Mr. Arthur Massena assumed the presidency, who presided over the Sociedade de Medicina e Espiritismo do Rio de Janeiro for a period of 30 years, being replaced by  Mr. Nilvandro Barroso, current honorary president, who remained president until 2015, when he passed the position to Mr. Manuel Fortunato Rodriguez, who remained president until 2019, the year in which he died.
The Sociedade de Medicina e Espiritismo do Rio de Janeiro, for many years, responding to the ideals of research, was the center of psychic research and transmitter of knowledge through conferences given by various personalities in the field of science, in order to provide more support tangible to the spiritist/spiritualist phenomenon of transcendental and psychic origin.  Having thus published some works in the Jornal dos Esportes supplement called "Mundo Azul" and on Radio Copacabana, in Rio de Janeiro.  For this reason, the name of SMERJ was brought to the attention of the general public, within Brazil and abroad, becoming sought after by countless people, many of whom were looking for spiritual help for the ills that afflicted them.
In 2005, seeking to adapt to the New Civil Code, the Sociedade de Medicina e Espiritismo do Rio de Janeiro changed its corporate name to the Associacao de Medicina e Espiritismo do Rio de Janeiro (AMERJ).
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