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AMERJ today


Currently, the AMERJ is seeking to better adapt to the appeals that motivate the trends of the current era, driven by its own circumstances, and by the flow that the spiritual world brings to it. The Association moves much more according to the “will of its Mentors” and Spirituality than due to the determination of its members; in other words: guided by a “Higher Will”, pointing towards a destiny that seems to us much more linked to knowledge, than to determinism itself. This, obviously, will require minds that are more grounded in the parameters of Science, both materially speaking and Spiritualist science, originating from Ancient Mystical Traditions based on the teachings of Christ. This finding is based on the fact that, in recent years, more precisely in this last decade, the presence of spiritual Entities that present themselves through symbology specific to the Transcendental Spheres has become evident, some of which are known in Ancient Traditions and Schools of Mysteries; and others, absolutely, outside known contexts. However, despite the fact that the doctrinal basis of the House is based on Christian and Kardecist teachings, it is also open to other “philosophical lines”, therefore allowing mediums from other denominations to be part of this true “Brotherhood” and that, in this “melting pot”, the amalgamation of the most varied aspects comes together, in order to walk together towards the same objective, taking advantage of the experience of each one and seeking to guide those who, for the first time, become aware and begin on the Path, following the determinations of Christ. AMERJ continues in its (at the moment) priority work of charitable (altruistic) service, therefore, non-profit; much more focused on helping those in need of spiritual assistance. And, simultaneously, selecting some cases that can be used for study and research in order to expand the knowledge of its members and serve as a mechanism for better service and improvement of possible methods, for the study of solving problems, of a spiritual nature, that introduce themselves. Thus, the Association of Medicine and Spiritism of Rio de Janeiro, as it is a House, in principle, Spiritist/spiritualist, focused on Charity, maintains within its guidelines fraternal assistance to any person without distinction of creed, race, sex, profession or origin; respecting each person's free will, with religious belief not being an impediment to being attended to. 
AMERJ, however, does not specifically deal with physical illnesses, as conventional science exists for that. It (AMERJ) provides support to the spiritual side, often directing or guiding people in the search for fulfillment within this field, enabling a better understanding of the phenomenon with a spiritual background that they are going through and, in this way, raising awareness of the need to promote a deeper inner reform, being able to obtain healing and, thus, become a more balanced citizen and aware of their role in the society where they live and in the world as a whole. The Associacao de Medicina e Espiritismo do Rio de Janeiro, through the work and methods developed and applied by it over the years, since its foundation, until the present date, has acquired diverse knowledge, mainly brought by Entities, from the most diverse origins in the Spiritual World, and under the aegis of Jesus, and with Francisco de Assis as patron of the House, as well as an incalculable number of Guides and Mentors, from the most varied currents and origins, it has maintained its constancy in charitable work, aimed at for the care of the spiritually ill in general. The Triangle: SCIENCE, RELIGION and MORALS, was, is and will be the tripod on which the entire structure of AMERJ is based and is its unshakable goal. However, as in every institution subjected to the needs and circumstantial appeals of the time in which it “transits”, it may be acting more strictly, in a given period, on one of the sides of this triangle, in the constant search for the greater objective which is “MORAL for END".
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