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Praying is not asking. Prayer is the breath of the soul.

Mahatma Gandhi

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São Francisco de Assis Prayer

Lord, make me an instrument of your peace. Where there is hatred, allow me to sow love; Forgiveness, where there is injury; Faith, where there is doubt; Truth, where there is a lie; Hope, where there is despair; Light, where there is darkness; Union, where there is discord; Joy, where there is sadness; Humility, where there is arrogance. Distinguished master, allow me not to search so much To be consoled, as to console; To be understood, as to understand; To be loved, how much to love; For it is in giving that we receive, By forgiving we are forgiven, Forgetting ourselves is what we found ourselves, And by dying we are reborn, For life is eternal. So be it.

Caritas Prayer

God our Father, that You are all power and goodness, give strength to those who go through trials, give light to those who seek the truth, and put compassion and charity in the heart of man. God, give the traveler the Guide star, consolation to the afflicted, rest for the patient. Father, give the guilty repentance, to the spirit, the truth, the child the guide, to the orphan, the father. May your goodness extend to everything you created. Have mercy, Lord, on those who do not know You, and hope for those who suffer. May Your kindness allow consoling spirits, spill peace, hope and faith everywhere. God, a ray, a spark of Your divine love can scorch the Earth, let us drink from the source of this fertile and infinite goodness, and all tears will dry, all pains will calm down. One heart, one thought will rise to You, like a cry of recognition and love. Like Moses on the mountain, we await you with open arms. Oh! kindness, Oh! Power, Oh! beauty, Oh! perfection, We want to somehow deserve Your mercy. God, Give us the strength to progress towards You, Give us pure charity, Give us faith and reason, Give us the simplicity that will make our souls The mirror where Your Most Holy image will one day reflect.

Lord's Prayer


Sir, teach us to pray without forgetting work, To give, without looking who, to serve without asking until when, to suffer without hurting anyone, to progress without losing simplicity, to sow good without thinking about the results, to apologize without conditions, to march forward without counting the obstacles, to see without malice, to listen without corrupting matters, to speak without hurting, to understand others without demanding understanding, to respect others without demanding consideration, to do our best, in addition to performing our own duties without charging recognition fees. Sir, strengthens our patience with difficulties of others, just as we need the patience of others to our own difficulties. Help us so that no one does that to anyone that we don't want for ourselves. Above all, it helps us to recognize that our higher happiness will invariably be that of fulfilling the designs, where and however you want, today, now and always. Amen.

Celtic prayer of protection

"May the road open up in front of you, May the wind blow gently behind your back, May the sun shine warm and soft on your face, May the rain fall softly on your fields. And, until we meet again, May GOD keep you in the palm of His hands"



Bezerra de Menezes

Lord Jesus!

Asking your permission to revere the divine apostolate, we praise you and thank you for the work opportunities, which enrich our existence.

Bless us, Lord, with your infinite kindness so that we can learn to serve you, in the person of our brothers of Humanity, so often in greater obstacles than ours.

Keep us here, in your love, and teach us to find you in the tasks of good to which you assign us, so that we do not get lost in the shadows in which, perhaps, our paths, in the varied earthly climates, involve us)!. ..

In happy hours, give us your inspiration and your light, so that our joy does not become a sterile flower, in the field of your blessings and, in difficult days, be our support so that the trial does not overwhelm or destroy us. .

Help us to identify your divine presence, in every heart in need of help or love that knocks on our door and supplies us with strength and resources, in the magnificence of your support, in the performance of our obligations.

When uncertainty visits us in action, Jesus, out of mercy, place your hand in our hands and guide our feelings, so that good is done, not according to our human and narrow vision, but according to the wise and compassionate dispositions of your will.

When possible misunderstandings lead us to any difficulty in understanding, keep us in your patience and induce us to unity and humility, helping us, namely, that the work of elevation, in which you allow us to cooperate, is always yours and not our.

Make us recognize that charity invariably begins from our mutual relationships, because only by serving each other will we be able to radiate the love you gave us to distribute with our fellow humans. 

Lord, support and guide us, so that we can, one day, fully respond to your mandate of trust!... And, begging you, once again, to welcome us into your merciful and august heart, we finish the our prayer with that other one that you bequeathed to us by divine light, on the path of Christians of all centuries: “Our Father who art in Heaven, hallowed be your name; your kingdom come to us; be done, oh! Father, your will, on Earth as it is in Heaven; Give us this day our daily bread; forgive us our debts, as we forgive our debtors; Do not lead us into temptation and deliver us from evil, for yours are the kingdom, the power, the majesty and the glory forever!... So be it.



To others I give the right to be as they are, to myself I give the duty to be better every day.

Chico Xavier

Our Father (AMERJ version)

Our Father, who directs the universes, glorified be your name. Let your light come to us. Thy will be done, both on Earth and in infinity. Guide us so that we evolve. Guide us to the truth. Guide us towards pure morality. Let us know how to be fair; forgive our debtors, as you forgive our debts; tolerate our offenders, as you tolerate our offenses; be indulgent towards the defects of your neighbor, as you are towards our defects; and love one another as you love all of us. Do not lead us into temptation, nor depart from honesty. Deliver us from evil, especially from anger, hatred, greed, selfishness, envy, jealousy, pride, vanity and fanaticism. Induce us to be good, to wish for others what we wish for ourselves, and to make up for our faults with all the good we can do. Inspire us, Lord, so that we practice charity as you desire. O God, we are slaves of the past and masters of the future, that is, artisans of our own happiness in future lives, at the expense of the good deeds we do in this one. Let us do good acts, as a rule, not as an exception. And in relation to our enemies, let us be like the sandalwood that perfumes the ax that wounds it. So be it.​

Hindu Prayer

It's wonderful, Lord! My perfect arms, when there are so many mutilated; my perfect eyes, when so many do not have Light; my voice sings, when others are silent; my hands work, when so many beg. It's wonderful, Lord! Returning home, when so many have nowhere to return; It's good to smile, love, dream, live; when so many cry, hate and revolve nightmares and die without living. It's wonderful, Lord,  to have a God to believe in, when so many do not have the comfort of a belief. It's wonderful, Lord, to have so little to ask and so much to be thankful for.​

Prayer to Ismael


Glory to God in the highest, peace to men on earth! Jesus, good and beloved Master, sustain your humble sinful brothers in the struggles of this world. Blessed Angel of the Lord, open your compassionate arms to us, shelter us from evil, lift our spirits to the Majesty of your kingdom, and infuse all our senses with the light of your immense love. Jesus, for your sublime sacrifice , through your martyrdoms on the Cross, give, to those who find themselves linked to the heavy burden of matter, perfect guidance on the path of virtue, the only one through which we can find you. Jesus, peace to them, mercy to our enemies and receive in your Blessed is the prayer of the last of your servants. Blessed Star, Lighthouse of the immortal phalanges, purify us with your divine rays; wash us from all guilt, draw us to your bosom, blessed sanctuary of all loves. If the world, with its errors, passions and hatred, spreads the path of thorns, darkening our horizon with the darkness of sin, shine brighter with your mercy, so that, safe and supported by your Gospel, we can tread and overcome the rough paths and reach the dwellings of your kingdom. Friend Star, Lighthouse of sinners and the righteous, open your divine womb and receive our supplication for all of Humanity. So be it! Thank God.​


Prayer of Forgiveness


I free myself from hate through forgiveness and love.

I understand that suffering, when it cannot be avoided, is here to move me forward towards glory.
The tears that made me shed, I forgive.
The pains and disappointments, I forgive.
The betrayals and lies, I forgive.
The slander and the intrigues, I forgive.
Hatred and persecution, I forgive.
The blows that hurt me, I forgive.
The destroyed dreams, I forgive.
Dead hopes, I forgive.
I forgive the lack of love and jealousy.
Indifference and ill will, I forgive.
Injustice in the name of justice, I forgive.
Anger and mistreatment, I forgive.
Negligence and forgetfulness, I forgive.
The world, with all its evil, I forgive.
I also forgive myself.
May the misfortunes of the past no longer be a weight on my heart.
In place of hurt and resentment, I put understanding and understanding.
In place of revolt, I put the music that comes from my violin.
In place of pain, I put forgetfulness.
In place of revenge, I put victory.
I will naturally be able to love above all lack of love,
To donate even if you are deprived of everything,
To work happily despite all the obstacles,
To extend a hand even in complete solitude and abandonment,
To dry tears even while crying,
To believe even if discredited.

So be it.


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