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Scientific Method of Spiritual Disobsession
I - Spiritual disobsession comprises treatment on two aspects:
a) Of the human being (patient);
b) From the obsessor, or obsessors (Spirits of dead people, operating: 1) for revenge, material losses or moral grievances, suffered in previous lives, or 2) with the purpose of developing mediumship or patient's mediumships, or 3) attracted by affinities of vibrations, whether with the patient's thoughts, behavior or illnesses).
II - Double treatment begins with a formal written request, made by the patient, or his representative, for a mediumistic consultation, indicating name with surname, age and full address; and normal diagnosis, if any; or at least, information about what you feel and where you feel. See "Registration for Treatment"
III- The treatment of the patient, personally or through a representative who visualizes his image, at the time of attraction (when he is a minor, or is bedridden, or is admitted to a hospital health establishment), will take precedence of paranormal diagnosis and guidance mediumship, provided by the institution, through its President, and will comply with the following disobsession processes, through mediums accustomed to this type of spiritual work.
A) Individual:
1- Disobsessions on Wednesdays and Saturdays, after a healing chain.  Disobsessions are carried out through two attractions through incorporation, for patients previously registered and selected individually.
B) Collective:
1) At the end of the disobsession session, a chain is made for collective treatment for all participants and assistants.
2) People whose names are registered for remote treatment, or who are unable to attend the Association and have no one to represent them; will be treated through specific irradiation, at the end of the work, during the collective treatment chain.
NOTE: This work system is presented as a scientific method because its practices are infinitely repeatable, always with the same results, as long as there are patients and incorporation mediums for this, and karma allows it.


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